Sign Up
Sign up for an account and enter your artist details or setup a Group account for a label, band or booking agent.
Connect GigaTools to your Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter & Mixcloud accounts.
Add Gigs
Add your upcoming Gigs and create Groups from yours and other User's schedules.
List your Gigs on Facebook, Soundcloud, Wordpress and start Tweeting!
How much does it cost?
A Single Account which allows you to manage one schedule costs only £2.00 per month.

For the full price list click here

Which account is right for me?
If you are a single artist with just the one schedule, the Single account is for you. If you want to manage multiple artists, choose either the Twin, Group or Agent account, depending on how many schedules you need.

What are Groups?
Groups let you combine any number of GigaTools Users' Gigs into the one schedule and then display all of those Gigs in the one widget, Facebook App or RSS feed etc.

Groups are handy for record labels or booking agents who want to display their entire artist roster or custom Groups of artists in the one place.

How does it integrate with other sites?
You can integrate your GigaTools Gigs into a website via the Widget or RSS, XML & JSON feeds. Fans can subscribe to your upcoming Gigs via iCal or Google Calendar and you can share confidential information via Private Gig Feeds to people you choose.

GigaTools can automatically announce your upcoming Gigs on your Twitter Feed as well as create a Gigs listing on your Soundcloud and Mixcloud profiles.

You can connect your GigaTools Gigs to a bunch of other music apps and custom web tools such as Tumblr Blogs, & Pages.

Developers can also build their own customised Gigs widgets perfectly suited to their own sites, like these examples.

Where can I use the widget?
You can install GigaTools Widgets on any HTML based website, that means basically any page on the internet as well as some social networks and Blogs. You can share your Widget with anyone and there is no limit on how many you can customise and install.

What does the widget look like?
Take a look at the Gigs listing below, thats the widget. You can customise the font, colors and size to suit any website. We offer both Flash and HTML versions of the Widget that are compatible with Apple iPhone & iPad.

Is GigaTools just for musicians?
No. GigaTools is for anyone who needs to list their upcoming events of any kind, be they comedians, performance artists public speakers etc.

Still have questions?
Take a look at the full feature list or contact us

Dustin Zahn

I became a musician so I wouldn't have to do boring work. Gigatools is a perfect way to make sure it stays that way.

DJ Nino Brown

GigaTools is DOPE! keep all my sites & social networks up to date from one place? Awesome!

Radio Slave & Rekids

Awesome work guys, loving the widget! GigaTools saves us a lot of time keeping our calendars up to date across the web using a single app!